Different Types Of Bowie Knife

The Bowie knife could be the most famous knife on earth; it is definitely rooted in history with many legends and stories attached to it. The knife gets its name from Colonel James “Jim” Bowie the 19th century pioneer and soldier who was a prominent force in the Texas Revolution and was killed at the Battle of the Alamo. The knife became known as a Bowie knife because he always had his with him and there were many stories in which he used the knife to defend himself.
The classic Bowie knife was not just one design, but rather a sequence of knives reinvented quite a few times by Jim Bowie. The earliest such model type was made by a man named Jesse Cliff. Jim Bowie’s idea directly bared a resemblance to the Spanish hunting knives of those days and varied a little from an ordinary butcher knife.here is the different types of Bowie knives.


The Different Bowie Knives:

A. Hunter Bowie Knife
The hunter Bowie knife was created in New Jersey by a cutler named Alfred Hunter. The knives that he made have been legendary and are rarely seen in the market these days. A Spanish notch is visible in the blade which is also found in many historical knives. Its blade is made of high carbon steel with nickel and wood as the handle. The overall length is fourteen inches and it weighs up to 12oz.

B. New Orleans Bowie knife
Pradel, the knife maker of New Orleans, crafted the knife through replicating the existing original. The grip is made of a checkered buffalo horn and the clear lines give the knife an outstanding appearance. Like the Hunter Bowie Knife, this is made of high carbon steel and it also has the length of up to 14 inches. However, it weighs lighter than the previous classification.

C. Chevalier Bowie knife
The Chevalier Knife has been crafted in a little shop in Broadway. It was named after the man who created it, John Chevalier. Nowadays, this type of knife is well-known among collectors and users too. They are much sought after especially by those who purchase knives for collection purposes. The nickel silver tip and throat give it an intimidating appearance. The extravagance is perfected by its authentic leather sheath. Like the others, it is made mostly of carbon steel and its handle is crafted with the use of a genuine stag. It weighs almost the same as the other Bowie knives too.

D. Vicksburg Bowie
The Vicksburg Bowie came out in the year 1836 and was manufactured by the W. & S. Butcher Company. Its grip or handle resembles that of a dog bone. The American market was awed by its appearance and since them it became a big hit in the industry. Its handle also has nickel silver plus it has an inlaid shield. It is a little bit shorter and weighs lighter than the other Bowie types.



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