How to avoid a Fashion Faux Pas

Have you lost the plot in your quest to stay fashionable? Sometimes sticking religiously to the current fads can make you lose touch with your own individual style and you should be proud of that, it is part of what makes you who you are. These guidelines will help you out how avoid a fashion faux pas;

Fashion Mistakes

Start budgeting. It is easy to follow every fad but it can be an expensive error to make. One way to find out if you are a fashion victim is to see how much you expend on the latest fads. If the five fashion accessories you bought had a “label”, then you’re on your way to being a victim of fashion. Stop spending so much on faddish, one-off items.

Look in your wardrobe. A fashion victim is recognized by her closet. Is it crammed full of new season “got to have it” accessories and clothes? Why did you buy these clothes – for fashion reasons or because you really liked and wanted them? Try to limit yourself to three or four fashion items each season. And it would be a good idea to really like any item that you do buy.

Keep a limit on the fashion accessories. Are you layering yourself in trendy clothing items – if so, then you could be a fashion victim. Check your reflection before you leave home – if you have on more than two ‘fad’ clothing items or accessories on, and then re-think your look. Ask yourself if you look stylish, or if are you dressed simply to blend in with the crowd. The key is to not overdo it.

Designer name-dropping. A victim of fashion usually can’t help dropping into the conversation the name of the designer label they are wearing. Like “What do you think of sunglasses?” It is not a good idea to name-drop like this, it can make you seem arrogant and above all not comfortable with yourself. Just use the name of the item and stop using the designer brand name – your accessories probably look great and don’t need to be obviously dropped into the conversation by name.

Think about your individual style. It is important to okay to have a personal sense of style which victims of fashion often forget. They just follow the rest of the world like sheep. To avoid this, go back to choosing apparel that you love to wear. Don’t buy an item of clothing or accessory because it makes you feel trendy. Get it because you really love it. It is also OK to match pieces in unusual ways that you may not have seen anyone else wear. This is great and it is the start of your own individual style, which will help you avoid being a victim of fashion.


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