Should every women have a little Black dress?

This is the Season For the Little Black Dress – Or is It? ¬†Every woman who knows how to look fantastic especially in the Christmas party season should own their LBD or little black dress. Well this is what we’re led to believe but everything about the Christmas season is full of color and lights so why would we want to look pale and pasty? The LBD only works for a certain type of woman and is completely wrong for others.

Black is in most people’s opinion’s a slimming color and we all want to look our best, but it is a very dark block of color and is not necessarily going to work for you. It has been looked at by Trinny and Suzannah, and all dark colors can slim not just black, but they found that using more than one color actually has a better effect. Black is also sophisticated and chic and reflects a type of attitude and appearance that some women fine empowering and sexy but again certain grays can look just as professional and sexy.

Audrey Hepburn  Little Black Dress
Everywhere you go in the shops there will be variations of the LBD depending on which hem length and strapping you decide upon your choice of LBD could be a disaster so always take a really honest friend with you and never buy the first thing you try on, always compare a few outfit and make sure one has some colour in it to show the comparison. The real reason people stick to black is that it’s safe and it’s available, and especially the women you always have shoes to match an LBD.

If you are about to wear a belt with your dress, making sure it matches one of your other accessories is a good idea. That could be your pair of shoes, your neck-piece or most importantly your bag. Add some color with a neon handbag for a change. So even if you are wearing a black dress with black pumps, your colored designer bag will do the trick! There are many new multi-colored collections of nearly neon bags available in stores and on the internet.

While fashion has progressed so much today, the concept of matching shoes with your handbag is somehow outdated. There are a few women who are preferring to do that combination. With a little black dress or a long black gown, matching at least one accessory with your handbag is a definite must!


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