The New Classic: The Illusion Freshwater Pearl Necklace

Women for centuries have worn pearls for their wedding day and that tradition doesn’t appear to be ending anytime soon. Today’s bride looks as lovely as ever wearing the latest in pearl fashions: the illusion freshwater pearl necklace. Many have seen this necklace become world-famous from the popular romantic comedy Tin Cup with Kevin Costner and Renee Russo. Since this movie’s release, brides across the world have reached for the illusion pearl necklace style representing true love and romance.

The illusion freshwater pearl necklace has become a new classic for today’s generation. It is the pearl necklace brides will pass down to their daughters and granddaughters for their wedding day, remembering their first kiss with their groom and dancing with their father. The illusion freshwater pearl necklace is dainty and feminine, making every woman feel just a bit more like a princess on her wedding day.

Illusion Freshwater Pearl Necklace
Illusion Pearl Necklace

It’s easy to see why the illusion pearl necklace would become so popular. The “illusion” style gracefully accents your neck and brings attention to the bride’s face, neck and shoulder. The illusion freshwater pearl necklace is a classic necklace style that compliments many bridal gown styles – from the dressiest of gowns to the more casual beachy wedding style dresses. The illusion pearl necklace style can vary – from a tiny gold or silver chain to a jeweler’s thread that is invisible so that the pearls seemingly “dance” upon your neck and collarbone. The style is the same in one respect for each woman in that the pearls are showcased in this illusion style with the extra space between each of them. Unlike the traditional pearl necklace, here you can truly admire each and every pearl’s beauty and loveliness.

Sometimes truly less is more.

A popular style among brides is to add a touch of self-bronzer of even body glitter to their collarbone to further draw attention to their illusion freshwater pearl necklace. This is a necklace most often seen worn short and right up along a woman’s collarbone. The style compliments bridal gown necklines and permits women to “show a little skin” in an appropriate but still sexy way for their wedding day. We think even your Great-Grandmother would agree if she had the choice for an illusion pearl necklace.

This pearl necklace is an ideal accent as brides can wear it for their wedding day and then put it on for day or night, remembering their wedding day. An illusion pearl necklace looks lovely on every blushing bride and is a great way to treasure your special day. Each day you put it on again will remind you of your first kiss as man and wife and your first dance with your father. Then one day you’ll pass this lovely necklace on to your daughter or granddaughter for her wedding day, knowing it will be her “something borrowed.” Pearls are truly romantic and the illusion freshwater pearl necklace is the new bridal classic!


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