Different Types Of Bowie Knife

The Bowie knife could be the most famous knife on earth; it is definitely rooted in history with many legends and stories attached to it. The knife gets its name from Colonel James “Jim” Bowie the 19th century pioneer and soldier who was a prominent force in the Texas Revolution and was killed at the Battle of the Alamo. The knife became known as a Bowie knife because he always had his with him and there were many stories in which he used the knife to defend himself.
The classic Bowie knife was not just one design, but rather a sequence of knives reinvented quite a few times by Jim Bowie. The earliest such model type was made by a man named Jesse Cliff. Jim Bowie’s idea directly bared a resemblance to the Spanish hunting knives of those days and varied a little from an ordinary butcher knife.here is the different types of Bowie knives.


The Different Bowie Knives:

A. Hunter Bowie Knife
The hunter Bowie knife was created in New Jersey by a cutler named Alfred Hunter. The knives that he made have been legendary and are rarely seen in the market these days. A Spanish notch is visible in the blade which is also found in many historical knives. Its blade is made of high carbon steel with nickel and wood as the handle. The overall length is fourteen inches and it weighs up to 12oz.

B. New Orleans Bowie knife
Pradel, the knife maker of New Orleans, crafted the knife through replicating the existing original. The grip is made of a checkered buffalo horn and the clear lines give the knife an outstanding appearance. Like the Hunter Bowie Knife, this is made of high carbon steel and it also has the length of up to 14 inches. However, it weighs lighter than the previous classification.

C. Chevalier Bowie knife
The Chevalier Knife has been crafted in a little shop in Broadway. It was named after the man who created it, John Chevalier. Nowadays, this type of knife is well-known among collectors and users too. They are much sought after especially by those who purchase knives for collection purposes. The nickel silver tip and throat give it an intimidating appearance. The extravagance is perfected by its authentic leather sheath. Like the others, it is made mostly of carbon steel and its handle is crafted with the use of a genuine stag. It weighs almost the same as the other Bowie knives too.

D. Vicksburg Bowie
The Vicksburg Bowie came out in the year 1836 and was manufactured by the W. & S. Butcher Company. Its grip or handle resembles that of a dog bone. The American market was awed by its appearance and since them it became a big hit in the industry. Its handle also has nickel silver plus it has an inlaid shield. It is a little bit shorter and weighs lighter than the other Bowie types.


Most up-to-date Looks in Plus Size Women’s Clothing

Being thin is seen as more desirable or normal. In history, women who are larger in size were mostly preferred, just take a look at varieties of Classical artwork! Though there are a astonishing amount of plus size magazines and also fashion shows, that are devoted to curvy women looking fantastic.

Full length dresses can really bring definition to your legs while still covering them up. It is important however to wear a belt, such as the trendy scarf belts being worn this spring. The belt will help split your upper and lower body, making you appear more defined. This is perfect news for those of us who are less than fond of our legs, yet want to look elegant and not wear trousers or jeans.

Accessories can really turn an otherwise boring outfit in to a breath taking one. Simple additions such as a belt can really make or break the effect of what you wear.

Belts made of sash-like scarf types are really in this season. They help to bring in your waist and really look great. These look best in paler colours such as lilac and sky blue, and can really accent a blouse or dress.

By offsetting your accessories against the clothes you are wearing you can draw focus to areas of your body you want to show off, taking the eye away from areas you don’t. Always show off your greatest features, using accessories or styles that draw the eye to them.

Wear bright colours, stay away from mid-tones. Generally speaking mid tones such as russet and olive can look drab and unflattering for more curvy women, especially during Spring and Summer. Instead focus on colours such as lime and lemon along with bright purples, reds and blues. Especially trendy this season is lavender.

Or wear dark colours. These darker shades never really go out of fashion and are suitable all year round. Black is a very popular colour for the reason that it goes with anything! It is also slimming as it smoothes areas of your body making the eye see the areas as a whole rather than separate parts.

For this reason however, when wearing predominantly dark colours you should mix in other darker tones like navy blue or charcoal greys, which will still help distinguish the different areas of your body.

Stay clear of white, especially if it is on more figure hugging clothes. Where dark tones hide shadows and making areas seem smoother, white gives definition to these areas of light and dark. This effectively shows off every bump and curve, which makes it best avoided.

For the hottest looks in plus size womens clothing make sure you keep up to date with the latest designer looks. A great idea is to look at the models on show in magazines and online. Even use whole outfits from magazines, as these have been perfectly matched by professionals, saving you all the hard work! Then just add your own accessories and adjustments to make the look truly your own.

The New Classic: The Illusion Freshwater Pearl Necklace

Women for centuries have worn pearls for their wedding day and that tradition doesn’t appear to be ending anytime soon. Today’s bride looks as lovely as ever wearing the latest in pearl fashions: the illusion freshwater pearl necklace. Many have seen this necklace become world-famous from the popular romantic comedy Tin Cup with Kevin Costner and Renee Russo. Since this movie’s release, brides across the world have reached for the illusion pearl necklace style representing true love and romance.

The illusion freshwater pearl necklace has become a new classic for today’s generation. It is the pearl necklace brides will pass down to their daughters and granddaughters for their wedding day, remembering their first kiss with their groom and dancing with their father. The illusion freshwater pearl necklace is dainty and feminine, making every woman feel just a bit more like a princess on her wedding day.

Illusion Freshwater Pearl Necklace

Illusion Pearl Necklace

It’s easy to see why the illusion pearl necklace would become so popular. The “illusion” style gracefully accents your neck and brings attention to the bride’s face, neck and shoulder. The illusion freshwater pearl necklace is a classic necklace style that compliments many bridal gown styles – from the dressiest of gowns to the more casual beachy wedding style dresses. The illusion pearl necklace style can vary – from a tiny gold or silver chain to a jeweler’s thread that is invisible so that the pearls seemingly “dance” upon your neck and collarbone. The style is the same in one respect for each woman in that the pearls are showcased in this illusion style with the extra space between each of them. Unlike the traditional pearl necklace, here you can truly admire each and every pearl’s beauty and loveliness.

Sometimes truly less is more.

A popular style among brides is to add a touch of self-bronzer of even body glitter to their collarbone to further draw attention to their illusion freshwater pearl necklace. This is a necklace most often seen worn short and right up along a woman’s collarbone. The style compliments bridal gown necklines and permits women to “show a little skin” in an appropriate but still sexy way for their wedding day. We think even your Great-Grandmother would agree if she had the choice for an illusion pearl necklace.

This pearl necklace is an ideal accent as brides can wear it for their wedding day and then put it on for day or night, remembering their wedding day. An illusion pearl necklace looks lovely on every blushing bride and is a great way to treasure your special day. Each day you put it on again will remind you of your first kiss as man and wife and your first dance with your father. Then one day you’ll pass this lovely necklace on to your daughter or granddaughter for her wedding day, knowing it will be her “something borrowed.” Pearls are truly romantic and the illusion freshwater pearl necklace is the new bridal classic!

Finding Fashion Stores to Shop At

Are you interested in revamping your appearance, at least in terms of your fashion? If you are, you may be looking to buy new clothes or fashion accessories.

If you are looking for the latest in fashion trends, you may want to think about finding a well-known and popular fashion store to shop at, as they often have the largest selection of clothes and clothing accessories for today’s top fashions.

When it comes to finding a fashion store to shop at, you have a number of different options. One of those options involves heading down to your local shopping mall. Shopping malls are a great place to find a number of well-known and popular fashion stores.

While many small shopping malls do have some great fashion stores to shop at, you may find a larger selection of fashion stores and better ones by visiting a larger shopping mall. Larger shopping malls are commonly found in large cities or in popular vacation destinations.

You may also want to think about asking those that you know for recommendations. This works best if you see someone that you know wearing something, like a dress or a business suit, that you would like to own yourself.

If you may want to casually ask a friend, family member, coworker, or neighbor where they got the item and if they like shopping there. If they do and if you like their taste in fashion, there is a good chance that you will also like the store in question. If you have never heard of the store being recommended to you before, you may want to get the location of the store so that you can start shopping.

Another way that you can go about finding a good fashion store to shop at is just by keeping your eyes open. As previously mentioned, a large number of fashion stores are located inside shopping malls, but not always.

A large number of fashion stores are also considered standalone stores. For that reason, you never know when you may come across a really neat fashion store when out shopping for groceries or just driving home from work. Many of the individuals who end up finding their favorite fashion stores just happen on them by chance.

The internet is another way that you can go about finding information on a locally based fashion store. A large number of businesses, including fashion stores, have online websites. Those online websites will likely outline the location of the store in question, as well as contain other important pieces of information.  Why not try Amazon?

It is common to find a few pictures and other information about the fashion pieces and accessories sold at a store on their online website. You can find the online website of a local fashion store, if they have one, by performing a standard internet search. You may also be able to use business directories, as many link to the business’s online website.

Speaking of using the internet to find information on a local fashion store, you can also use the internet to find an online fashion store. While a large number of fashion store owners choose to operate their stores in a storefront location, there are others who choose to operate an online store and even some to choose to do both.

By performing a standard internet search, with phrase like women’s clothing, fashion store, and so forth, you may be directed to the online websites of multiple online fashion stores. The more that you able to customize your search to include what you are looking for, like men’s business suits or women’s lingerie, you are more likely to find exactly what you were looking for online.

If you are interested in improving your fashion sense, one of the first things that you should do is visit a fashion store, even if it is just to look around. As you can see, there are a number of different ways that you can go about finding a popular fashion store to shop at, as well as one that may be known as a well-kept secret.

Should every women have a little Black dress?

This is the Season For the Little Black Dress – Or is It?  Every woman who knows how to look fantastic especially in the Christmas party season should own their LBD or little black dress. Well this is what we’re led to believe but everything about the Christmas season is full of color and lights so why would we want to look pale and pasty? The LBD only works for a certain type of woman and is completely wrong for others.

Black is in most people’s opinion’s a slimming color and we all want to look our best, but it is a very dark block of color and is not necessarily going to work for you. It has been looked at by Trinny and Suzannah, and all dark colors can slim not just black, but they found that using more than one color actually has a better effect. Black is also sophisticated and chic and reflects a type of attitude and appearance that some women fine empowering and sexy but again certain grays can look just as professional and sexy.

Audrey Hepburn  Little Black Dress
Everywhere you go in the shops there will be variations of the LBD depending on which hem length and strapping you decide upon your choice of LBD could be a disaster so always take a really honest friend with you and never buy the first thing you try on, always compare a few outfit and make sure one has some colour in it to show the comparison. The real reason people stick to black is that it’s safe and it’s available, and especially the women you always have shoes to match an LBD.

If you are about to wear a belt with your dress, making sure it matches one of your other accessories is a good idea. That could be your pair of shoes, your neck-piece or most importantly your bag. Add some color with a neon handbag for a change. So even if you are wearing a black dress with black pumps, your colored designer bag will do the trick! There are many new multi-colored collections of nearly neon bags available in stores and on the internet.

While fashion has progressed so much today, the concept of matching shoes with your handbag is somehow outdated. There are a few women who are preferring to do that combination. With a little black dress or a long black gown, matching at least one accessory with your handbag is a definite must!


How to avoid a Fashion Faux Pas

Have you lost the plot in your quest to stay fashionable? Sometimes sticking religiously to the current fads can make you lose touch with your own individual style and you should be proud of that, it is part of what makes you who you are. These guidelines will help you out how avoid a fashion faux pas;

Fashion Mistakes

Start budgeting. It is easy to follow every fad but it can be an expensive error to make. One way to find out if you are a fashion victim is to see how much you expend on the latest fads. If the five fashion accessories you bought had a “label”, then you’re on your way to being a victim of fashion. Stop spending so much on faddish, one-off items.

Look in your wardrobe. A fashion victim is recognized by her closet. Is it crammed full of new season “got to have it” accessories and clothes? Why did you buy these clothes – for fashion reasons or because you really liked and wanted them? Try to limit yourself to three or four fashion items each season. And it would be a good idea to really like any item that you do buy.

Keep a limit on the fashion accessories. Are you layering yourself in trendy clothing items – if so, then you could be a fashion victim. Check your reflection before you leave home – if you have on more than two ‘fad’ clothing items or accessories on, and then re-think your look. Ask yourself if you look stylish, or if are you dressed simply to blend in with the crowd. The key is to not overdo it.

Designer name-dropping. A victim of fashion usually can’t help dropping into the conversation the name of the designer label they are wearing. Like “What do you think of sunglasses?” It is not a good idea to name-drop like this, it can make you seem arrogant and above all not comfortable with yourself. Just use the name of the item and stop using the designer brand name – your accessories probably look great and don’t need to be obviously dropped into the conversation by name.

Think about your individual style. It is important to okay to have a personal sense of style which victims of fashion often forget. They just follow the rest of the world like sheep. To avoid this, go back to choosing apparel that you love to wear. Don’t buy an item of clothing or accessory because it makes you feel trendy. Get it because you really love it. It is also OK to match pieces in unusual ways that you may not have seen anyone else wear. This is great and it is the start of your own individual style, which will help you avoid being a victim of fashion.